2012 Student Presentations at Otterbein University

NameUniversityTitle of Presentation
Erin ZiegelmeyerBowling Green State
Facebook and Self-Perceptions
Jessica Wheeler, Samantha Cazzell, & Lisa
Cedarville UniveristyThe Effects of Breakfast on Levels of Emotional Awareness
Joseph Cathey, Theophilus Hines, & Kurt StultzCedarville UniveristyVideo Games and Life Perspectives
Allie Hundley & Shaun FrazierCedarville UniveristyAfrican American Students' Perception of Racial Issues at a Predominately White
Christian University
Katlyn Orient & Anna VendlCedarville UniveristyThe Effects of Locus of Control and Progressive Muscle Relaxation on Cognitive
Hannah Holmes & Brigitte RayCedarville UniveristyAge and Gender Differences in Moral Beliefs of University Students and Alumni
Christopher Flynn & Gabrielle LassetterCedarville UniveristyFacebookopolis Revisited: The Interaction Between Social Networking, Self-
Esteem, and Communication
Jenna Sketch & Sindhia SwaminathanCincinnati Children's
Hostpital/University of
Gender Differences in Conceptual Knowledge in Preschool Children
Shannon CusterColumbus State Community
The Addition of Exercise as Necessary Component for Treatment of Breast
Eric N. Gray, Meghan Pierce,
Shaina Mendez, Michelle Kwiatkowski, Sandra
Johns, & Sean Brown
Cuyahoga Community CollegeGoals, Beliefs and Motives: What Relates to Studying Among Community College
Kathleen SullivanDenison UniversityStudents' Perceived Barriers to Reporting Rape and Sexual Assault at Small
Niki FeehanDenison UniversityWith a Little Help from my Friends: A Brief Bystander Intervention for Risky
Alcohol Situations
Colleen RussoDenison UniversityExposure Factors Affecting Children's Analogical Problem Solving: Interaction
versus Television
Colleen RussoDenison UniversityBe Kind to One Another: An Historical Content Analysis of Verbal Interactions in
Children's TV
Hin Yan WongHiram CollegeAttention Networks and the Big Five
Stephanie Schumaker, Maggie Picolo,
Shirlstine Miller, & Lisa Shauver
Hiram CollegeWhat Grabs Your Attention?
Thomas BallHiram CollegeGay Identity and Body Esteem: The Mediating Effects of Self-stereotyping
Rebecca SzantoHiram CollegeYou Could Be Happy: The Effects of Positive and Cognitive Bibliotherapy on Well-
Hin Yan WongHiram CollegeDevelopment of the Patience Scale
Ashleigh PonaJohn Carroll UniversityThe Effect of Media Viewing on Female Mood, Body Dissatisfaction, and Future
Samantha Thornton,
Crystal Quillen, & Douglas Delahanty
Kent State UniveristyThe Moderating Effect of PTSD on Alexithymia and Pain Intensity in
Undergraduate Students
Kelly StuhldreherKent State UniveristyCortisol: The Chicken or the Egg of Post-traumatic Stress
Kristen KolarKent State University at StarkCognition in Elephants
Emily Hage & Annie SchmidtKenyon CollegeSexualizing Characteristics in Girls' Dolls
Alexandra MartinKenyon CollegeVirtual Reality Therapy and Substance Abuse
Amanda MartinKenyon CollegeAn Investigation into the Construction of a Hoped For Possible Self on Facebook
Karen HuntsmanKenyon CollegeThe Effect of Caffeine on State-dependent Learning of Two Cognitive Tasks in
Human Subjects
Kevin M. O'BrienKenyon CollegeStigma as a Barrier to Care in the United States Military: Recommendations for a
Military-Specific Stigma Reduction Program
Kaye Otten & Melissa StrausKenyon CollegeAre You Sexier than a Fifth Grader? An Analysis of Girls' and Women's Halloween
Claire Greenfield & Katherine PoinsatteKenyon CollegeSassy or Sweet: Representations of Gender in Descriptions of Girls' Dolls
Angela Mahoney, Amanda Maxwell, &
Katlynn Stoll
Malone UniversityCorrelates of Maternal Stress and Child Age during a Co-Constructive Task
Alexandra TrottMiami UniversityUnderstanding Risky Decision Making Practices
Marilyn J. Rush-OssenbeckMiami UniversityDifferences in Family Functioning Among Legally or Actually Blind Persons
Alicia Clark & September StaleyOhio Dominican UniversitySocial Mimicry in Preschool Children
Shannon Mooney & Brittney GilabertOhio Dominican UniversityAdult Attachment Orientation and Perception of Others in Conflict
Boris HindererOtterbein UniversityPredictors of Sustained Attention within a Global-Local Processing Task
Sarah Metzger, Ashli Pearson, Kristian Parks,
Sarah Natoce, & Madeline Slack
Otterbein UniversityThe Effect of Visual Media on Women's Body Esteem
Deidre Wise, Sarah Holbrook, & Maddie
Otterbein UniversitySex Differences in Masturbation Frequency and Attitudes
Abigail SantorineOtterbein UniversitySex and Gender Differences in Mental Rotation
Gabriella EvansOtterbein UniversityPredicting Academic Achievement from Cognitive and Noncognitive Variables
Amanda ZamaryOtterbein UniversityTelevision for Babies: Amount of Exposure and Effects on Toy Play
Lauren A. WargelinOtterbein UniversityThe Effects of Background Television on Attention and Engagement in Young
Chelsi CampbellOtterbein UniversityThe Basic Cognitive Processes of Intelligence
Steffanie NorrisOtterbein UniversityPerceptions of STEM Professors: The Impact of Gender, Parenthood, and ADHD
Michelle Haycook, Steffanie Norris, & Angela
Otterbein UniversityKnowledge of Daycare Facts and Findings by Students, Parents and Caregivers
Brooke Bishop & Abigail SantorineOtterbein UniversityAttitudes Towards Masturbation
Jenna Cooperider & Jake PrestonOtterbein UniversityExpectations of Chivalry in Romantic Relationships
Steffanie Norris & Joel ButlerOtterbein UniversityGender, Sexual Orientation, and Preferences in Psychotherapy
Sarah Morford & Christina PleasantOtterbein UniversityImpact of Domestic Abuse Upon Children
Rachel Denz, Chris Davis, Angela Sammons, &
Nisa Williams
Otterbein UniversityBody Image In College Students: Males vs. Females, Athletes vs. Non-Athletes
Caitlin Collins, Drew Markley, Leslie Willis, &
Lauren Zachrich
Otterbein UniversityWomen's Aspirations Based on their Background
María Estefanía Cisneros JaraUniversity of Texas at San
The Role of Probability on the N2 Effect in Language Switching
Colette C. Bauer & Cara SchossowUrsuline CollegeThe Effect of High and Low Associations on Encoding Specificity
Nicole McKay, Arielle Cenin, & Elizabeth
Ursuline CollegeThe Effects of Altruism on Attraction