2013 Student Presentations at Miami University

Name(s)UniversityPresentation Title
Kershaw, SeanAnderson UniversityReligiosity, Self-Esteem, and Fear of Death
Overstreet, NicholasAnderson UniversityFather Involvement and Attachment Security
Hawkins, PaulBerea CollegeMood Congruent Memory: The Effects of Alternative Forms of Mood
Induction on Recall
Billman, NiToshaBerea CollegeThe Effects of Quality, Gender, and Accent on Predicted Academic
Hutchinson, DanielleBerea CollegeDirty Rooms, Violent Music, and Pugnacious Participants: How
Situational Factors May Elicit Aggressive Responses
Carter, KristinaBerea CollegeInvestigating the Role of Correspondence and Socioeconomic Bias in
the Attribution Process
Shrestha, PriyankaBerea CollegeEvolutionary Influences on the Face-in-the-Crowd Effect: Interactions
between Race and Emotion
Fields, SophiaBerea CollegePresentation media and note taking modalities: the significance of
order and form.
Weichert, SamanthaButler UniversityFalse Memory in the DRM Paradigm: A Comparison of Synesthetes and
Non-Synesthetic Controls
Sheperd, HilaryButler UniversityDid I Do That? The Effects of Mood on Reality Monitoring and
Dietz, BrookeLynCedarville UniversityForgiveness and Well-Being
Hutchinson, CrystaCedarville UniversityThe Influence of Neurological Data on Juror Decision Making in
Insanity Trials
Buck, HaylieCedarville UniversityPersonality Differences in Individual and Team Sport Undergraduate
Wunderlich, JohnCedarville UniversityThe effect of physical arousal on memory
Wolboldt, AndrewCedarville UniversityPersonality and Spirituality Reporting Related to Social Desirability
Stultz, KurtCedarville UniversityEffects of learning style on performance in face-to-face classes versus
online classes
Hwan Kim, SeungCedarville UniversityA Comparison of the Effectiveness of Online Learning and Face-to-Face
Class Formats
Gray, Eric NelsonCuyahoga Community
Drawing a line: Approval of types of social aggression in relation to gender, empathy and self-reported bullying history
Ambrose, Christopher A.Cuyahoga Community
Parental Warmth and Support for Academics: A Successful
Combination for Student Achievement?
DeSola, JoshuaDenison UniversityEffects of Media Context on Age Stereotypes
Marchi, AnthonyHiram CollegeIndividual differences in political party affiliation relate to responses
on moral dilemmas
Wong, Hin YanHiram CollegeThe Effects of Humor Appreciation and Laughter on Depression,
Anxiety, and Perceived Stress
Bonath, LeahHiram CollegeSpatial Navigation of Adolescent Rats Using a Land Maze Task
Fiest, ZacharyHiram CollegeEarly attachment style predicts childhood friendship quality
Shields, MorganKent State UniversityOver-Inhibition and Attention Deficits Predict Peer-Rejection and
Adolescent Depression
Hirt, MaureenKenyon CollegeMultiple Roles and Well-Being
Sanderson, IsabelleKenyon CollegeGirls Interest in Cultural Products and their Gender Stereotyped
Bunch, CarolynLourdes UniversityThe Relationship Between Locus of Control and Life Satisfaction in
Undergraduate Students
Maldonado, TedManchester UniversityRemembering the get-away car hurts your memory for the robber:
Retrieval-induced forgetting for visual images
Krueger, KoriMiami UniversityThe Guilty Chameleon: The Effect of Mimicry on Perceptions of Guilt
Ameigh, AsiaMiami UniversityThe Embodied Chameleon: The Effect of Temperature on Behavioral
Dusthimer, NicoleMiami UniversityThe relationship between behavioral mimicry and time estimation
Smith, AmandaMiami UniversityPatterns of Drinking Amongst College Students by Major
Goffena, JordanMiami UniversityAthletic Constructivism and Kinesthetic Inquiry: An Educational Theory-
Based Method for Coaching Track & Field
Dougherty, ScottMiami UniversityTo Act or Not to Act: Action vs. Inaction in Dyadic Tacit Coordination
Chapa, KaylaMiami UniversityWillingness to Engage in Helping Behaviors when Considering Costs
and Benefits
Hernandez, ToniMiami UniversityConstrual Level: The Influence on Consumer Regret, Product Choice,
and Purchase Intent
Daumeyer, NatalieMiami UniversityOh the Irony! Verbal Irony, Sarcasm, and Hyperbole in Family
Gorley, DavidMiami UniversityInfluence of control interface on virtual performance
Frank, ChelseaMiami UniversityGender Differences in Optimizing vs. Satisficing across Discrete
Vannucchi, Isabella DamasMiami UniversityUsing a web-based intervention to dispel common misconceptions
about heart disease
Deer, BrianaMiami UniversityHealth-related Family Quality of Life Perceptions: Breast Cancer
Fradkin, EvanMiami UniversityEnvironmental Conscious and Decision Making: An Analysis of Green
Spies, MartinMiami UniversityThe Electrophysiological Correlates of Theta-Contingent Delay Eyeblink
Classical Conditioning
Skipper, RachelMiami UniversityStress Enhancement of Fear Learning in Infantile Rats
Magnuson, WesleyMount Vernon Nazarene
The Influence of Cognitive Questioning Techniques on the Alleviation
of Change Blindness
Pennington, AshleyOhio Dominican UniversityThe effects of emotional identification on sexual objectification
Tifft, EricOhio Wesleyan UniversityMemory for Spanish
Tran, NgocOhio Wesleyan UniversityThe Effect of Type of Avatar Image on Consumer Perceptions
Petsko, ChristpherThe University of AkronWhy sexist men stereotype empowered women: The role of power
and feminine norm conformity…
Foster, BarbaraThe University of AkronAssociations of Attachment Beliefs with Childhood Trauma and
Intimate Partner Violence in a Sample of Battered Women
Hinds, SamanthaUniversity of CincinnatiThe fractal coordination of local and global processing in a visual
matching task
Schneider, CatherineUniversity of CincinnatiThe non-linear dynamic of Visual Search Task
Baker, JessicaUniversity of ToledoHandedness Differences in Perceptions of Facial Attractiveness
Dean, MarissaUrsuline CollegeThe Stigma of Bipolar Disorder: Labeling, Social Distance and
McKay, NicoleUrsuline CollegeEmerging Adults and the Controversy of Facebook E- Professionalism
Cenin, ArielleUrsuline CollegeThe Effect of Classical Music on Memory of Images
Teaford, MaxWalsh UniversityPriming and Inattentional Blindness
Garrison, KyleWalsh UniversityThe Effects of Working Memory on Inattentional Deafness
Schmidt, LilyWittenberg UniversityComparing children's self-concept across religions: A study of
Christianity and Islam
Fox, ElizabethWright State UniversityEvaluating Coactivation with Redundant Signals using Systems
Factorial Technology (SFT)
Sedall, StephanieYoungstown State
Differences in Facial Expression and Perceived Gaze Direction
Bonamase, DominiqueYoungstown State
The Struggle For Academic Success: The Relationship Between Physical
Activity, Depression, Self-Esteem, and GPA
Jones, AudraYoungstown State
The Effects of Divorce on Children's Peer Relationships
Berg, JasonYoungstown State
Digging at the Roots of Pain: A Comparison of Projective Tests Using
Mental Imagery to Determine Age of Trauma