2014 Student Presentations at Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Name(s)SponsorUniversityTitle of Presentation
Iriana, Alex; Graves, ZacharyDr. Chi-en HwangCedarville UniversityThe Role of the Color Green in the Stress Relieving Effects of Nature
Nonnemacher, KaraDr. Chi-en HwangCedarville UniversityWorking Memory in Musicians vs. Non-musicians: A Differential Study Using the N-back Task
Turkelson, LynleyDr. Milton BecknellCedarville UniversityReligious Involvement and Illusory Beliefs in Scrupulous versus Nonscrupulous Protestants: A Differential Study
Market, Jordan; Zender, JordanDr. Milton BecknellCedarville UniversityThe Effects of a Health-Oriented Major on Living a Healthy Lifestyle
Garland, ElizabethAmanda BurgerCedarville UniversityPsychological Motivation of Fat Talk
Le Nguyen, Khoa D. Gary GillundCollege of WoosterWhy Should I Run to Prevent Cancer? The Contributions of Perceived Similarity, Empathic Concern, and Relevance of Effort to the Martyrdom Effect
Kistner, CalDr. Julie KrevansCuyahoga Community CollegeSelf-oriented Perfectionism and Procrastination: Contrasting the Reasoning and Consequences Between the Adaptive and Maladaptive Forms
Gray, Eric Nelson; Kistner, Calen; Sagraves, Kelsey; Tokar, Catherine; Nemeth, MarcusJulia KrevansCuyahoga Community CollegeWhen Peer Aggression Hurts: Characteristics of Recollected Victimization Experiences and College Students’ Emotional Adjustment
Cobb, AngelaDr. Acacia ParksHiram CollegeEscalation of Commitment in Students Engaged in Financed-Focused Postsecondary Education
Titova, LiudmilaDr. Acacia ParksHiram CollegeAttitudes Toward Happiness and Well-Being Around the World
Lynch, AaronDr. Acacia ParksHiram CollegeExtraverts, Introverts and Mood Induction
Foster, TiffanyRyan HonomichlHiram CollegeEffortful Control Predicts Peer Success in First Graders
Klucher, HarrisonDr. Acacia ParksHiram CollegeMindfulness and Positive Emotion
Farrell, KristenDr. John YostJohn Carroll UniversityThe Scent of Summer: Implicit Activation of Body-Image Concerns
Borato, LaurenDr. John YostJohn Carroll UniversityEffects of Self-Esteem and Framing on Performance and Stress Perception
Lutter, MaryDr. John YostJohn Carroll UniversityThe Impact of the Knowledge of an Autism Diagnosis on Judgments of Parenting Styles
LaCorte, StevenDr. John YostJohn Carroll UniversityAn Examination of Terror Management Theory through Death Anxiety and Self-Doubt
Boland, KellyDr. Tabitha W. PayneKenyon CollegeCognitive Deficits Associated with Reported Hunger: Examining Mental Processing Speed
Dripps, Aaron; Morris, JuliaDr. Tabitha W. PayneKenyon CollegeImplicit Associations Between Mental Illness and Danger
Salsbury, AubreyPatricia BellomoLourdes UniversityAn Analysis of College Student Described Mood and Performance on Twitter
Jackson, Emily A.; King, Stephanie J.; Jackson, Morgan L.Dr. Ebenezer A. de OliveiraMalone UniversityNow You See It, Now You Don’t: Mediation of Parental Satisfaction between Stress and Empathy
Howard, KelseyDr. Randy CronkMount Vernon Nazarene UniversityJudging a (Face) Book by its Cover
Winbigler, Krista; Johnson, AcaciaDr. John MarazitaOhio Dominican UniversityThe Effect of Consciousness of Physical State on the Perception of Interpersonal Stability
Crawford, Sean; Mertens, BradyDr. John MarazitaOhio Dominican UniversityThe Role of Working Memory in Delinquency: Exploring the Mechanisms of the Relationship Between Vividness of Future Self and Delinquency
Reynolds, KennaDr. John MarazitaOhio Dominican UniversityEmotional Reactivity, Emotional Stability, and Aggression Style Patterns in a Rural Adolescent Population
Gumanow, NoraDr. Sarah L. BunnellOhio Wesleyan UniversityEffect of Mood on Autobiographical Memory Specificity in a Preschool-Aged Sample
Ridgeway, JohnKyle VickShawnee State UniversityHigh-definition vs. Standard-definition Processing
Kinney, Sabrina; Stefancic, KaylaDr. Christopher EdmondsUrsuline CollegeFemale Perception of Same Gender Attractiveness and Likeability
Sweeney, Caitlin; Shuman, JulieDr. Christopher EdmondsUrsuline CollegeThe Effects of Intimacy and Discovery of Lies on Forgiveness
Berg, Tori; Dean, MarissaDr. Christopher EdmondsUrsuline CollegeThe Objectification of Athletes by Sexualization and Sport Type: Does Self-perception Change?
Parry, EileenMichael AnesWittenberg UniversityThe Effect of Semantic Relatedness: Recall for Generated Future Scenarios
Bower, CaseyDr. Stephanie LittleWittenberg UniversityAlternative Treatments for Depression