2015 Student Presentations at John Carroll University

Name(s)SponsorUniversityTitle of Presentation
Khalid, SabaDr. Todd McCallumCase Western Reserve UniversityPreferred BrainTraining Gaming Choices of Older Adults
Pugh, K.C. Dr. Milt BecknellCedarville UniversityBirth Order and Humor Styles
Malincon, Andrew Whitmer, KellyDr. Charles DolphCedarville UniversityThe Effects of Exercise on Mood
Gardiner, Shannah; Berkstresser, JennaDr. Di WuCedarville UniversityCognitive Distortions and Institutional Misconducts in Juvenile Delinquents
Sohn, ValerieDr. Milt BecknellCedarville UniversityExtroverted Personality as a Predictor of Informal Leadership
Besharah, Sawsan; Joo, Boyeong; Nemeth, Marcus; Sagraves, Kelsey; Watson, Christina; Watson, Julia; Zirneskie, ScottDr. Julia KrevansCuyahoga Community CollegeMale and Female Community College Students' Choice of Major Field: Ability-Related Beliefs and Gender Differences in Choices
Hesterman, CarolineDr. Deborah DalkeDefiance CollegeSelf-Esteem and Perceived Stress: Does Participating in Athletics in Division III Schools Play a Role?
Balla, PhilipDr. Deborah DalkeDefiance CollegeSources of Sexual Knowledge and Homophobia
Kemerer, AubreyDr. Deborah DalkeDefiance CollegeDo High School Guidance Couselors Impact Satisfaction With College?
Rower, CoryDr. Deborah DalkeDefiance CollegeStress and Aggression Among College Students
Kasmer, LindsayDr. Deborah DalkeDefiance CollegeA comparison of perceived stress in science and non-science majors
Cohee, HaleyDr. Deborah DalkeDefiance CollegeA Comparison of Intimate Partner Violence and Self-Esteem in Male and Female College Students
Edelbrock, Ryan Dr. Deborah DalkeDefiance CollegeComparison of Attitudes about Schizophrenia and Autism
Beiter, RebeccaDr. Steven SammutFranciscan University of SteubenvilleThe Prevalence and Correlates of Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in a Sample of College Students
Atkins, Genevieve; Wong, Joann; Anderson, CaseyDr. Acacia ParksHiram CollegeA New Delayed Gratification Scale to Predict Patience in Individuals
Blonsky, NatashaDr. Ryan HonomichlHiram CollegeEffects of Athletic Ability and Exercise Intensity on Stroop Test Performance
Cobb, AngelaDr. Acacia ParksHiram CollegeDepression, Life Satisfaction, and Well Being: The Role of Character Strengths
Chapman, Alyssa Vrobel, JenniferDr. Abdulrazaq ImamJohn Carroll UniversitySimultaneous and Successive Discriminations Affected by Levels of Manipulated Delays
Hinchen, DouglasDr. John YostJohn Carroll UniversityThe Effect of Perpetrator Age and Sexuality on Perceptions of Sexual Deviancy
Kaparakos, AlyshaDr. Abdulrazaq ImamJohn Carroll UniversityPower Posing: The Effect of Prior Knowledge and Poses on Risk Taking Behavior and Feelings of Power, Leadership, and Stress
Trautman, KellyDr. John YostJohn Carroll UniversityThe Scent of Summer: Sunscreen as an Implicit Memory and Body-Image Prime
Fissinger, JohnDr. John YostJohn Carroll UniversityHow do Message Framing and Gender Influence the Likelihood of Donating Money to the John Carroll Scholarship Fund?
Vrobel, JenniferDr. Abdulrazaq ImamJohn Carroll UniversityPower Poses: Do Brief Nonverbal Displays Affect Risk Tolerance and Feelings of Power
Simonovic, NicolleDr. John YostJohn Carroll UniversityImplicit Anti-Semitism Among College Students
Chapman, Alyssa Dr. Abdulrazaq ImamJohn Carroll UniversityDelayed Matching to Sample and Retention Intervals
LaCorte, StevenDr. Janet LarsenJohn Carroll UniversityMankind’s Greatest Blessing: Personal Humor Style and Humor Appreciation
Lukehart, VictoriaDr. John YostJohn Carroll UniversityThe Effects of Autonomy and Suffering on Ratings of Appropriateness on Euthanasia
Lutter, MaryDr. Tracy MastersonJohn Carroll UniversityDecreasing Bystanders’ Negative Judgments of Parents of Children with Autism
Willis, RyanDr. John YostJohn Carroll UniversityThe Illusion of Control and Games of Chance
Smith, SparkleDr. John YostJohn Carroll UniversityThe Effect of Right Wing Authoritarianism on Prejudicial Tipping Behavior
Harrington, Tom Lamadanie, Amanda Dr. Manfred van DulmenKent State UniversitySexual Attitudes Predicting Sexual Behavior: Does Identity Confusion Play a Role?
Kitson, Mary Pringle, KelseyDr. Manfred van DulmenKent State UniversityChildhood Trauma Predicting Sexual Attitudes
Williams, Elizabeth; Milner, Ellie; Graybill, Delaney; Dr. Manfred van DulmenKent State UniversityPredicting Drinking and Casual Sexual Behavior with Costume Identity
Greathouse, Lauren Kamis, KristiDr. Manfred van DulmenKent State UniversityPredicting Regret after Casual Sexual Relationships and Experiences: A Daily-Diary Study
Richards, HoldenDr. Tabitha PayneKenyon CollegeGender Language Biases
Olin, JessicaJames JordanLorain County Community CollegeAre We Still Communicating? Social Media Use and Interpersonal Competency in Community College Students
Cilona, Nicole Lauren Mandilakis Jessica Olin Rodriguez, Roberta Karen VasquezDr. Michelle FoustLorain County Community CollegeWhat’s in it for Me? An Investigation of the Impact of Sexual Narcissism in Sexual Relationships
Peterman, Kelli L. Dr. Kurt Hugenberg Dr. Elise ClerkinMiami UniversitySocial Anxiety and Lie Detection: Exacerbating the Truth Bias
Pearson, EmilyDr. John MarazitaOhio Dominican UniversityThe Effects of Achievement Goal Orientation and Ranking on Cooperation Intentions
Pappenhagen, AnnieDr. Sarah BunnellOhio Wesleyan UniversityHistorical Trauma and Cultural Embeddedness in the Lakota People: Links to Narrative Characteristics
Simon, KyleDr. Sarah BunnellOhio Wesleyan UniversityCalled It! Sexual Orientation Perception
Wright, Emily Emler, AmandaDr. Meredith FreyOtterbein UniversityEvaluating the Relationship Between Dietary Creatine Intake and Cognitive Performance in College-Aged Students
Nelson, JordanDr. Meredith FreyOtterbein UniversityPolitics and Research Interpretation
Newcomb, HannahDr. Meredith FreyOtterbein UniversityLife Satisfaction Pre, During, and Post Mission Trip of High School Students
Craig, EthanDr. Meredith FreyOtterbein UniversityHow confidence levels affect performance on physical tasks
Gopel, RichardDr. Meredith FreyOtterbein University Perceived Authority and Performance
Jurgens, Chris Mackerty, Katie Sites, HeatherDr. Meredith FreyOtterbein UniversityThe Effects of Fear Stimuli on Working Memory Capacity
Hempy, Devyn Putnam, AshleyDr. Meredith FreyOtterbein UniversityThe Effect of Puppies on Stress in College Students
Grate, Cassie Vincent, BreannaDr. Meredith FreyOtterbein UniversityVocal Fry Phenomenon: How a college campus perceives the new vocal trend
Mansker, Whitney; Wilson, Felicia; Keaton, Meshaya; White, EricaDr. Meredith FreyOtterbein UniversityAre You (Sex) Positive? A Correlational Examination of Sex Education Programs and Sexual Satisfaction and Anxiety
McLean, James Latorre, Nick Dr. Susan T. Davis Christine KershawUniversity of DaytonInvestigating Change Blindness with Reading Text
Nelson, MeganDr. Susan T. Davis Christine KershawUniversity of DaytonThe Art Infusion Effect: Measuring Aesthetic Pleasingness of Faces in Paintings and Photographs
Wright, Michael Brown, Mark Dr. Susan T. Davis Christine KershawUniversity of DaytonEye-"Tracking" Blindness to Changes in Emotional Expression
Kinney, Sabrina Zucker, Leah Greene, ReonnaDr. Christopher EdmondsUrsuline CollegeThe Comparison of Extroversion and Introversion Based on the Content of a Person’s Facebook Status
Montalvo, Jasmin Palmer, JessicaDr. Christopher EdmondsUrsuline CollegeHow do we judge the victim?
Berg, Victoria K. Roberts, Sam Shuman, JulianneDr. Christopher EdmondsUrsuline CollegeThe Effects of Task Completion on Creative Thinking
Oster, Emily; Wright, KelseyDr. Joseph WayandWalsh UniversityThe Relationship between Locus of Control and the Ability to Influence Attitudes about Obese Individuals