2016 Student presentations

2016 Student Presentations at Lorain County Community College

Name(s)SponsorUniversityTitle of Presentation
V. Golias, M. Gilbert, E. SabitovJulia KrevansCuyahoga Community CollegeCollege experience and gender: How they relate to community college students' perceptions of male-dominated and female-dominated fields.
A. MatiaClare MathesBaldwin WallaceFemale Rats Do Not Discriminate Sucrose from Water as Accurately as Male Rats Despite Showing Similar Asymptotic Performance and Detection Thresholds
K. HutchesonMeredith FreyOtterbeinThe Effects of Background White Noise on Performance of Vigilance Task in Students with ADHD
M. TaggartMeredith FreyOtterbeinStress Among College Students
R. MiklosMeredith FreyOtterbeinStudy of Sexual Behaviors and Levels of Self-Efficacy in College Students
D. OrtizMeredith FreyOtterbeinCompanion Animals, Empathy and Friendship
H. BeckJordan RingenbergU. of FindlayThe Effect of a Tangible User-Interface on Performance and Strategy in a Virtual Mental Rotation Task
T. Abraham, B. Bennett, J. OlinEulalio GonzalezLCCCWorkplace Theatrics? How Emotion Regulation Relates to Motivation and Engagement in Understanding Workplace Outcomes
A. DockhamLaura WagnerOhio WesleyanIs Telicty Visible in Sign Languages?
B. Stone, E. Chesbrough, G. Tosti, L. DouglasAngela JonesJohn CarrollThe Influence of Self-Affirmations on The Perception and Feelings of Self-Consciousness
J. HansonJordan RingenbergU. of FindlayProject Euler: A Study on the Effects of Gamification and User Progression
L. MullJohn MarazitaOhio Dominican UThe Role of Academic Optimism and Study Habits in College Student Test Anxiety
B. StoneJanet LarsenJohn CarrollUnconscious Semantic Spreading Activation: Looking for the N400 (EEG)
D. Whitacre & D. BakerCurt IckesAshland UniversityThe Effect of Color on Athletic Performance
F. Kaser, E. Malott, M. Hawkins, D. Scott, X. Leonard, & T. HonakerJohn MarazitaOhio Dominican UIs a Sleepy Mind a Creative Mind? Investigating the Role of Chronotype and Personality
D. Bream, G. Kaufman, & P. BoughtonNancy DarlingOberlinThe Effects of Parental Conflict and Divorce on Adolescents
J. KellnerMeredith FreyOtterbeinSelf-Reported Performance and Academic Satisfaction as Predictors of Extrinsic Reward and Intrinsic Motivation Among Undergraduate Students
T. HanesJohn YostJohn CarrollRisk Perceptions of Smoking Cigarettes vs. Marijuana With and Without Risk Literature
S. SinegarJanis & Christopher FranceOhio UniversityDo the effects of a simulated blood draw differ among sexes?
C. Coley & V. TyroneEulalio GonzalezLCCCThe Effect of TV News on Mood
C. RosenJennifer StanleyU. of AkronHaitian and American Students' Knowledge of Child Life Concepts
M. FrateJohn YostJohn CarrollThe Effect of Empathy on Contagious Yawning
S. Oakley & C. BealMeredith FreyOtterbeinAlcohol Usage and Consensual Sex: Examining College Males and What They View as Consensual Sex
K. Osburn & J. DanielMeredith FreyOtterbeinThe Relationship Between Varying Picture Stimuli with Narcissism and Empathy Measures
R. HannaJohn YostJohn CarrollAn Investigation of Prioritizing the Present vs. the Future Among College Students
J. KotikChristopher WasKent StateThe Effects of Mindfulness and Mind Wandering on Recall and False Memory
H. KarlieEulalio GonzalezLCCCThe Effect of Seasonal Images on Mood
P. CorderoBeth MartinJohn CarrollThe Effects of Emotional and Verbal Communication on Cooperation
C. AtkinsonMeredith FreyOtterbeinCollege Students' Attitudes towards Casual Sex
Z. OtisJohn YostJohn CarrollAttitudes Towards Police
A. Coker & S. DorringtonAngela JonesJohn CarrollContagious Rage: The Effects of Exposure to Aggressive Music on Human Emotion
N. Lester, K. Hokes, E. Skocic, & J. ZwangerMichelle Nario-RedmondHiram CollegeHomophobic Sentiments and the Influence of Outgroup Members
K. KennedyAcacia ParksHiram CollegeSocial factors and treatment seeking in a sample of National Guard and Reserve veterans